• Manuel Bungaran STMIK Amik Riau
  • Zulkarnain Siregar STMIK Amik Riau
  • Ahmad Zaki STMIK Amik Riau
  • Novi Amelia Putri STMIK Amik Riau


Pencak silat is a martial art of the Indonesian nation which is an ancestral heritage. The cultural diversity that exists in Indonesia also gives color in the form of variations in identity owned by each pencak silat school. The identity characteristics of a pencak silat school are understood and interpreted together by the fighters, as well as what happens in an organized pencak silat school. The identity of a martial arts school is considered very important by its fighters. For this reason, the fighters who are in a college try to carry out and maintain this inherent identity as well as what happened to the Organizational Pencak College. This research, which focuses on the Organizational Pencak College of the Sidoarjo Regency branch, seeks to reveal the forms of social identity construction that exist in the Organizational Pencak College. In addition, the socialization processes related to the construction of the identity of the Pencak Organization College for their fighters are described in accordance with the findings of the existing data



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Manuel Bungaran, Zulkarnain Siregar, Ahmad Zaki, & Novi Amelia Putri. (2023). 3D VIRTUAL REALITY APPLICATION OF PENCAK SILAT. JComce - Journal of Computer Science, 3(2). Retrieved from https://jurnal.teknologiriau.net/index.php/jcomce/article/view/70